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If you or someone you know has erratic emotions - excited and high one day and low and depressed the next; if someone you care about has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder; if a friend or relative seems to be somewhere in between these extrems, I can help you to begin living a better life - I suffered too. 

Are You or Someone You Know Living on
a Roller Coaster of Emotions?

The Person Suffering with Bipolar Disorder CAN Live a Normal Live....As Long as the Right Help is Obtained

This Information is for the Person with Bipolar Symptoms and
the Family and Friends Who Live With Them

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Dear Friend,

People are living their life in turmoil with bipolar disorder and they don't even know they have it.  For those suffering with bipolar, that's just they way their life is - they grew into the disease and don't know there is another way to live. 

They're confused because they don't understand why people come and go in their life.  Others stay, but it's a rocky relationship and they wonder why people don't understand them.

Others don't know why friends and family are always telling them they're overreacting.  Sometimes they're so depressed they just want to be left alone - why doesn't anyone understand it's too hard to get up and function on those days? There may be times when they wonder why everyone else seems to have their emotions under control, why can't they?

It May be Bipolar Even if There Aren't
Out-of-Control Episodes 

There are many levels of bipolar disorder...not everyone is so manic they can't control themselves and others are just slightly depressed.  But they just can't seem to regulate their moods.  They can't even guarantee they will wake up in the same mood as when they went to bed!  Maybe that's why they never want to make plans ahead of time - they never know what to expect until the day comes.

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with bipolar disorder?  Do you want to know more about it?  Then you've come to the right place.  Bipolar disorder can go undiagnosed for years, and others are never diagnosed.  You see, I don't know of anybody that goes to the doctor and says "I think I have bipolar disorder."  Even if people understood what is really is, they wouldn't want to admit they have it. 

Bipolar disorder used to be called manic depression because of the two extremes of emotions experienced by the sufferer.  At that time people were usually committed because of hallucinations, delusions and bizaare behavior.  Only recently has it been realized that bipolar has many different forms.  At first, the patient or family may only tell the doctor about panic attacks, OCD symptoms, organizational issues or depression.  A person with bipolar can suffer a wide range of symptoms, but rarely do they go to the doctor complaining of being too happy - this is the manic side.

Is Any of This Familiar to You?

You can read all the articles you can find on the Internet, but that would take a long time and what you really need is information on how to live with your loved one.  If it's you that is suffering, don't you want to know how to live a normal life? 

All my life I wondered why my little brother would get mad and not be able to release the mood.  Or he would get depressed for weeks and suddenly be "normal" again.  He didn't know he was in a group of disorder sufferers because he saw  our mother go through the same emotional changes since we were children.  We just thought it was normal.

Looking back, Carl went through friends faster than anyone I knew and he didn't understand why.  All he knew was someone would pick a fight with him and never talk to him again.  "What's that about" is what he always wondered and even when voiced to my mother, she couldn't tell him because she didn't know.

My mother lived her adult life on Valium, but nobody diagnosed her with a disorder.  How would she be able to help her son?  She just thought he was difficult.

Carl was not diagnosed with Hypomania until he was middle age.  He suffered his whole life, going from one job to another.  Although he was functioning, his quality of life was affected.  After all, he didn't have hallucinations or delusions, just mood swings that kept him from wanting to socialize or even being able to socialize like "normal people."

And that's why this eBook is so important.  I reveal everything you need to know to live with bipolar disorder, why it's so difficult to diagnose and the signs to know when an episode is coming.

Here's a List of Some of the Information
I Have Included

  • Exactly what bipolar disorder is and how you can identify it from similar disorders

  • What you need to look for to know if you should be concerned

  • How soon bipolar disorder can start and when to get help

  • Determine what action might be right for your situation

  • Why good treatment can be problematic

  • Why you need to fully understand the disorder

  • Learning to live with the disorder and avoid "episodes"

  • How to monitor your emotions

  • The correct way to monitor your medications

  • Why unprescribed drugs and alcohol can make your disorder worse

  • Where to find support groups and why they are important to your life

  • Assemble your support system

  • Charts to accurately monitor your moods

This is an eBook written by me - someone who has grown up with and lived with bipolar disorder.  There are plenty of articles and books written by doctors and researchers, but they are not necessarily writing from personal experienceBuy Now

When my brother finally got the help he needed, he was so relieved.  He finally understood what his past was about and he was ready to talk with me about it.  I was able to bring up memories from the past that he could now tell me the truth about what was going on in his head.  This was a learning and healing experience for both of us.

Don't Live Another Day In Misery

Now, I'm not going to tell you to buy this eBook and give it to someone you know who needs help.  When you're living with bipolar, you think everyone else has a problem - not you. 

Nobody wants to be blamed for issues in the family or friendship.  But if you or someone in your life is at a point where they know they need help, you can start a conversation with this inside knowledge.  You may be responsible for your own healing or be the one person to love them enough to gently help.


Your Guide to Begin Living a Better Life


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This eBook is written from personal experience and with verified medical facts that I researched to "find out why."  

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This Word document is a detailed chart of your emotions on a weekly basis.  When completed, you can see at a glance how your moods change from mild to severe as you deal with daily events.  Combined with the Mood Chart Diary, it enables you to provide detailed information to your doctor for proper diagnosis.  In addition, it's a valuable tool to identify triggers leading to episodes.

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Wendy Gunnarsson


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